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Lash Extensions VS. Lash Lift

It is often asked which option is best, Lash Extensions or Lash Lift?

Even though these two methods are recently making a major comeback lets check out the facts.

Lash extensions have technically been around since 1882. A Canadian woman named Anna Taylor had falsies patented in the United States in 1911. These lashes were more like the strip kind we use today. It wasn't recorded until 2008 when semi-permanent lashes hit the market in Korea, known as Lash Extensions. This is where a technician will apply a single lash extension to a single lash hair of your own. Classic sets are applied in a 1:1 ratio. Volume sets can be applied anywhere from a 2-6 ratio. Lash extensions will help your natural lashes appear more full and fluffy for the weeks to follow. It is recommended to receive a "fill" similar to those with acrylic nails every 2-3weeks. During a fill your technician will add more extensions to the new lashes that have grown in and replace any extension that have not quite shed. Lash extensions average cost - $100-$250

Lash lift perm the natural lash with chemical solutions that are gentle enough to be used on the human eye.

The overall result will give your natural lash a more lifted and curled effect. Tint can be paired with your lash lift to dye the lashes to any color of your choice. Results can last up to 12 weeks!! Lash lift average cost - $80-$120

Less maintenance overall compared to lash extension and more cost effective.

Lash lift will enhance your natural lash compared to how lash extensions will add additional lash volume and length.

It will vary on personal preference which option will better suite each individual.


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