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Lip Tattoo? What the HECK?!?!

OK ok ok, so this new lip tattoo, what's up with that? Who wants to have the same color on their lips all the time?? Thats for FreaKS! ok REWIND <= , FOR THE ONE TIME.. ;) .. ..................Lip tattoos are actually great for anyone trying to reconstruct their overall lip structure. Maybe you have been putting the same color on your lips daily since high school! Who wouldn't like to not worry about lipstick smudge, stains or the dreaded wearing off! The options for the ways to tattoo lips are endless! Here are a few methods to the madness --->>>>

Lip Blushing _ covering the entire lip with a soft neutral shade to enhance the natural appearance of ones lips. You can choose any shade of color.

Lip Liner_ lining of the lip to outline and contour.

Full Lip_ filling the entire lip with the color of choice.

See! It really isn't that insane as at it seems..

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