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Microblading - Refrain from any use of blood thinners such as alcohol, aspirin, caffeine.. etc... 24 hours prior to you procedure. Come as you are it is not necessary to have your brows shaped beforehand. This will be done at the time of your pre-draw for your new brows. Before each procedure you and your technician will discuss which brow type will work best for you, a numbing agent is applied to help with any discomfort. Skin must be in normal state to move forward with any permanent cosmetics procedure; for example BOTOX, sunburn, skin abrasions, rash, etc... would need to be healed at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment. Pricing is per session. For best results it is recommended to have a touch-up performed 6-12 weeks following your initial appointment and follow proper aftercare. Results vary depending on technique performed/individuals skin and lifestyle.

Eyelash Treatment - Arrive eye makeup free. In some cases an additional charge may occur for makeup removal. Lashes must be in a healthy condition to receive eyelash treatments. Must be able to lay flat with eyes closed for 1-3 hours. 

Teeth Whitening - Does not cause sensitivity, if you have a known teeth sensitivity it is suggested to start with a 30 minute session. Having a teeth cleaning at your local dentist prior to your teeth whitening experience may enhance results. Crowns/Veneers/Implants will not lift under the light. Results may vary depending on self maintenance

FacialArrive makeup free. In some cases an additional charge may occur for makeup removal. Stations are an open facial bar setting. 

Bridal - Ready to book! Not sure what's next? Send us a contact message and our bridal specialist will contact you shortly!

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