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What is Microblading?!!?

MICROBLADING>> A semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo implanting pigment in the uppermost layer of the skin to create hairline strokes, giving the appearance of a naturally fuller brow!!! 🌹🌹 . . 🏪 DOES IT HURT?!? - we use a numbing agent to numb the treated area, clients rate the pain on average 0-3 on a scale of 1-10. Many say eyebrow threading hurts worse!!! And some even fall asleep during the procedure! . . 📅 WHAT IS THE RECOVERY TIME? - the first 2wks will be the most restrictive with no heavy sweating, swimming, exfoliating etc.. your technician will discuss this with you during your FREE consultation!! . . ✒ HOW DO I KNOW I'M CHOOSING THE RIGHT ARTIST/TECHNICIAN?!? - research, research, research!! Ask for pictures of their healed results, this will show how good their work actually stays once the client leaves the place of business. Ask for client reviews, testimonials. Check for a clean work area. Check to see if the tools they are using are disposable and sterile. When in doubt, check it out!! . . 🕓 HOW LONG IS THE PROCEDURE? - 2-3hrs . . 👀 HOW DO I KNOW THEY WON'T BE TOO BIG?!

- we will measure your exact facial symmetry and the ideal shape for your face, you can than make any adjustments to fit your needs. We match the color to your natural brow color, you can get as creative with color as you would like, however your technician will help you make an informed decision. . .


I HEARD THERE IS A 6WK TOUCH-UP, WHY?! - pigment is inserted in the uppermost layer of the skin, each clients skin will heal differently following the first session. The 6wk touch-up will allow your technician to observe each individuals healed results and they will make any adjustments needed during this "perfection session." Some clients may heal with little to no need for a touch-up.


. 😍 HOW LONG DO RESULTS LAST?!? - results will fade to little or no appearance within 2-3yrs - when this happens you can choose to come in for a color boost OR change to a whole new brow shape depending on the times! . .

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